Aditya Mukherjee

C-60, Nizamuddin East
New Delhi, Delhi,

319B, 134 O'Riordan Street
Mascot, NSW,

E-2296 Palam Vihar
Gurgaon, Haryana,

E17, House 76
County College, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Lancashire,
United Kingdom

#723, 1520 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, Washington,
United States of America

Birth:4th September, ’88
Phone:+61 455 228 147
+91 88269 20311
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Personal Profile

I like to learn new things, and am constantly driven to make sense of why things are the way they are. I strongly believe in the often quoted words of Frank Oppenheimer, “The best way to learn is to teach”, and have taken every opportunity to teach and help fellow classmates when they’ve needed help. My style of learning—understanding and breaking down the problem rather than the solution—allows me to teach and explain concepts in the way a student approaches unfamiliar topic—through discovery and understanding.

I believe cultivating a love for the subject is as important as imparting knowledge, as we are automatically receptive to what interests us. I have been involved in the field of computers since high school, with contributions to open source projects and going on to consulting with companies later through my time at University. I have a strong grasp of current trends and technologies, with an understanding of real-world and modern contexts in which they are applied. This allows me to explain topics from both an academic and industrial perspective to help students see the possibilities of the technologies they are learning.

Other than computers, my interests lie mainly in the applied and performing arts. I have performed as a singer, guitarist and a keyboardist with several amateur to semi-professional music bands over the last decade. I’m also a hobbyist pencil artist and a graphics designer in my spare time.

Professional Experience

This list isn't exhaustive, as I've been regularly involved with many open-source projects which are listed on my Github.
Entain Esports (ex. Unikrn)
India / United States / Australia
Sep 2015 - Present
Unikrn (Entain Esports) is an esports wagering service, providing esports fans and newcomers alike a safe and legal place to gather, game, and bet on esports.

Vice President of Engineering.
  • Responsible for designing the technical architecture, development, testing and maintenance of the primary codebase according to product specifications for the company's flagship product, Unikrn Arena.
  • Define and optimise operational processes and workflows, and provide technical guidance to teams in other departments to facilitate smooth and easy development of new features.
  • Translate product and feature briefs provided by product managers into technical documentation and tasks.
  • Estimate and enforce product timelines, and manage sprints and releases for the engineering team.
  • Drive QA to diagnose and solve technical issues or bugs arising in systems during development and / or in production environments using bug trackers, version control systems, and continuous integration.
  • Manage and support external partner relationships and communications to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  • Director of Engineering.

Sen. Software & Lead Frontend Engineer.
  • Lead a team of four Junior and Senior Frontend developers.
  • Port company's flagship product, Unikrn Arena, from an inhouse custom framework to AngularJS (Angular v1.5).
    • Break down the older monolithic codebase into simpler components to allow better reusability and testability.
    • Create new documentation for each component to allow faster onboarding of new developers.
    • Document and distribute existing business logic between backend and frontend to improve robustness and reduce technical debt.
Funhouse Technologies Pvt. Ltd / Dotaprohub
Jan 2014 - Sep 2015
An analysis tool for competitive Dota 2 catering to fans, professional players and casting studios, providing in-depth statistics in the form of dynamic visualizations to provide unique and automated analysis. Dotaprohub's proprietary engine creatively combines historical as well as real-time data from every professional match ever played to provide at-a-glance and easy to understand pulse of the competitive scene. Our statistics go beyond simple performance metrics like rank and rating and into meta statistics like winnings and characteristics, all automated and generated through machine learning and algorithms.

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Define the technical architecture and visual design of the primary product, Dotaprohub, based on market requirement and research into competitors.
  • Help product teams understand data gathered about user behaviour and collaborate with them to define product requirements keeping in mind technical restrictions.
  • Work with data science team to research and explore new points of interest from data gathered by data mining games, and develop new analysis models.
  • Work with engineering team to architect and develop user facing (frontend) systems as well as microservices (backend) serving those systems based on models created by data science team in a modular and testable way.
  • Develop guidelines for writing and maintaining technical documentation for implemented systems.
  • Diagnose, document and resolve bugs reported in production environments.
  • Research and explore technical requirements when adding new games to Dotaprohub’s offering and integrating them with existing systems.
Atticous Inc.
India / United States
Jun 2011 - Sep 2013
A content-management, online identity, and personal e-commerce system that meaningfully associates your data from all over the Internet to build a website that you can share with others as a part of your personal brand, and optionally use as a storefront. The e-commerce module allows people to catalogue and manage inventory, while we handle the full backend (SEO, payment processing, and delivery logistics.)

Co-founder, Chief of Product & Design.
  • Conceptualisation, and development of the primary product including design, features, and code.
  • Create the front-end technology stack used to serve the user websites.
  • Create tools to allow users to manage their websites, and admin tools to help company staff manage user accounts.
  • Create special purpose themes and templates for users to choose from when setting up their websites. Eg. e-commerce focused templates, and content focused templates.
Bibbol Ltd.
United Kingdom
Jun 2012
Surveillance technology and solutions.

  • Worked on the flagship product SL8's — a new generation CCTV recording and management system — engineering design.
  • Conducted research into modernising the system with cloud-based storage and monitoring.
  • Part of Lancaster University's Engr445 Industrial Project Team.
Planga LLC
Apr 2010 - Jul 2010
Social calendar and event platform for college campuses. Groups and events are organized into a cutting-edge cloud system using the latest social web technologies. It's a next-generation platform for an ultra-organized campus and more vibrant student life.

Consultant for Product Design & Development.
  • Responsible for complete front-end development including UI / UX, artwork and graphics, and code.
  • Ideate and execute on product roadmap based on requirements from executives and product owners.

Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Racked Hosting LLC
Apr 2008 - May 2009
Racked Hosting LLC has been in operation for almost 10 years providing online services such as web hosting, streaming media and dedicated servers to hundreds of customers.

    Software Architect.

    Front-end Developer.

  • Python, PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Beers Design
Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

Programming consultant
  • Implementing/coding themes and web-pages for graphic designers at the company.

PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Jul 2006 - Jul 2008

  • Freelance web-designing and site-maintenance.

  • PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Education & Affiliations

Lancaster University
MEng. Hons. Computer Systems Engineering
United Kingdom
Oct 2009 - Jul 2013
  • Including courses in FPGA and Logic Design Methodology, Electromagnetism, RF Engineering, Embedded Devices, Analogue Electronics, Nanotechnology, Operating Systems, Networks, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering and Programming in C/C++, Java & Verilog.
    • Wrote a complete filesystem for a simulated hard drive in C, with the ability to create, read and write files; organisation of files into nested directories upto 2 levels; and a basic filename based search.
    • Wrote a distributed chat system in Java leveraging the University LAN, modelled on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol.

  • Modular Simulink Model of an Induction Motor — Designed a model of an Induction motor in Matlab and Simulink, including a feedback controller to drive the model. The model was developed as connected modules which were designed to be modifiable to adapt to different applications as required.

  • Formula Student - Electrical Team — Involved in the design, manufacture and implementations of the electronics for the ’13 Lancaster University Formula Student Car.
    • Designing and setting up the vehicle’s wiring loom.
    • Designing and implementing a Microchip PIC18F45K20 based Gear Indicator circuit, with the PIC programmed in C and Assembly, that uses outputs from the ECU and mounted sensors to calculate and drive a segmented display showing gear information
    • Design and creation of an Arduino based data-logging system to record various car parameters such as suspension travel and G-force, along with basic GPS capability to layout the track, to allow for optimisations to the car aerodynamics. Also designed a software solution to allow the data to be analysed using Matlab and Java.
International Centre for Applied Sciences,
Manipal University

BS Computer Engineering
Aug 2006 - Jan 2009
(Transferred to Lancaster University)
Vasant Valley School
High School
(Senior secondary)

Jul 2004 - Mar 2006

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English.